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2023 Ningbo foreign trade "report card" announced!

According to Ningbo Customs statistics, the total import and export of Ningbo in 2023 was 1.28 trillion yuan, an increase of 0.9% over the previous year (the same below); Among them, exports reached 828.78 billion yuan, up by 0.7%, and imports reached 449.15 billion yuan, up by 1.1%. Let's see ↓


Operation site of Chuanshan port area, Zhoushan Port, Ningbo. Photo by Wu Mengkai

First, private enterprises are the main force of import and export.

In 2023, the import and export of private enterprises in Ningbo reached 963.28 billion yuan, an increase of 4.3%, accounting for 75.4% of the total import and export of Ningbo in the same period; Among them, exports reached 674.17 billion yuan, up by 4.2%, and imports reached 289.11 billion yuan, up by 4.5%. Imports and exports of foreign-invested enterprises and state-owned enterprises reached 222.77 billion yuan and 91.14 billion yuan respectively.

Second, Europe and the United States are still the top two trading partners, and emerging markets such as ASEAN have performed brilliantly.

In 2023, the European Union and the United States will be the city's top two trading partners, with trade volume of 214.58 billion yuan and 211.81 billion yuan respectively. Asean was the third largest trading partner, with imports and exports of 155.49 billion yuan, up 4%. Imports and exports to Australia, Russia, Brazil and Mexico increased by 15.7%, 47.2%, 5.8% and 14.4%, respectively. In addition, Ningbo's imports and exports to RCEP countries reached 332.74 billion yuan, an increase of 1.9%; Imports and exports to Central and Eastern European countries reached 50.47 billion yuan, up by 12%.

Third, the export of mechanical and electrical products accounted for more than 50%.

In 2023, Ningbo exported 470.58 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products, an increase of 2.3%, accounting for 56.8% of the total exports, of which the export of household appliances and automobiles increased by 12.2% and 32.9%, and the export of "new three kinds" products increased by 1% (of which the export of solar cells and lithium ion increased by 5.4% and 27%, respectively). Exports of electric passenger vehicles fell 22.4 percent). The export of high-tech products reached 65.04 billion yuan, an increase of 7%. Exports of labor-intensive products reached 192.02 billion yuan, of which plastic products, furniture and its parts, bags and similar containers were exported 46.05 billion yuan, 22.88 billion yuan and 8.09 billion yuan, up 1.5%, 5.1% and 12.2% respectively.

Fourth, the import of bulk commodities increased significantly.

In 2023, the city imported 83.75 billion yuan of bulk commodities, an increase of 26.2%, of which iron ore and concentrate imports 42.8 billion yuan, an increase of 36.6%; The import of coal and lignite was 16.14 billion yuan, up 35.9%. Imports of consumer goods reached 44.83 billion yuan, up 1.9 percent, of which imports of passenger cars, edible aquatic products, edible oils, alcohol and beverages grew significantly, up 29.9 percent, 129 percent, 31.4 percent and 36.8 percent, respectively.

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