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Downstream demand has increased, and cultural paper has continued to raise prices

Recently, the cultural paper market ushered in the first price increase in 2024. According to reports, Chenming Paper and Sun Paper announced on the same day that since February 1, the price of cultural paper products will be raised by 100 yuan/ton; Since March 1, the price of cultural paper products will be raised again by 200 yuan/ton on the basis of the price increase in February. In addition, many small and medium-sized paper companies have recently issued a price hike notice for cultural paper, with a price increase ranging from 100-200 yuan/ton. Some insiders said that at present, cultural paper is about to enter the bidding and production stage of spring teaching materials, and downstream demand will increase, but compared with last year, this year's paper companies issued price hike letters a lot earlier, and the price hike has increased compared with last year.

Public information shows that the listed companies in the culture paper head enterprises include but are not limited to Huatai Shares, Sun Paper, Chenming Paper and so on.

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