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Deli, Guangbo, Tianhong won the 2023 sporting goods industry Top Ten news, publicity advanced Award

On January 30, the China Cultural, Educational and Sporting Goods Association announced the 2023 Top Ten news of the sporting goods industry and the 2023 Advanced News Publicity Award list. Ningbo Stationery Industry Association brand guidance service station since receiving the notice of China Cultural and Educational Sporting Goods Association, actively organize enterprises to declare honor. Vice chairman units of the association Deli Group Co., LTD., Guangbo Group Co., LTD., Ningbo Tianhong Stationery Co., LTD., were selected as the Top ten news in 2023 and Advanced News Publicity Awards in 2023.

As the representatives of Ningbo stationery industry in the context of domestic and international economic growth continues to slow down, these three enterprises overcome difficulties, keep the right innovation, continue to make efforts, and promote the majority of cultural and sporting goods manufacturing enterprises 踔厉 hard work, continuous progress of the spiritual outlook.

Sporting goods industry 2023 top 10 news

The official announcement of global brand spokesperson Hu Ge to help the brand transformation and upgrading
Deep cultivation of soil production, help cultural and creative upgrading
-- Guangbo and Wanli College together to light the "light of youth"
Astronomical homecoming program | Children with stars, landing gently
2023 Advanced Award in Journalism and Publicity

Deli Group Limited
Guangbo Group Stock Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Tianhong Stationery Co., LTD

Declaration: This article comes from the Ningbo stationery industry Association.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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