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Important Notice | The annual evaluation of scientific and technological excellence in the sports and cultural products industry is being launched!

In order to implement the National Quality Development Program, improve the core competitiveness of enterprises in the stationery and sporting products industry, guide enterprises to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, support the research and development and application and promotion of innovative technologies, in accordance with the Ministry of Science and Technology, "Social Forces to set up scientific and technological awards Management Measures," the relevant requirements of the 2024 China Stationery and Sporting Products Industry, scientific and technological progress in the evaluation of the excellent results of the declaration of activities will be initiated in this month!

1.Evaluation Grade

The scope of the industry's outstanding achievements in scientific and technological progress includes two technical inventions and scientific and technological progress, each of which is divided into the first category,the second category and the third category, with a total of three evaluation levels. the first category is not more than 2 items, the second category is not more than 3 items, and the third category is a number of items.

2.Evaluation Methods

(a) the use of enterprises, colleges and universities, research institutes, testing organizations and other industry-related units to register on their own;

(B) China Light Industry Science and Technology Progress Award declared projects are deemed to be declared to participate in the evaluation of the industry's scientific and technological progress in the evaluation of outstanding achievements;

(c) declared that the project should be guided by the high-quality development of the industry, key directions include basic research in the stationery and sporting goods industry, applied basic research, key core technologies, results of key scientific research projects in the stationery and sporting goods industry, and scientific research results formed by standardized scientific research projects.The reporting unit needs to ensure that the relevant materials are complete, true and accurate, and there is no confidential content.

3.Evaluation and recognition

The evaluation results of the excellent achievements of scientific and technological progress in China's stationery and sporting goods industry are based on the Association's preliminary examination of the declared projects and the conclusions of the experts' evaluation, and public announcements are made, and projects with no objections or objections that are not established are evaluated and recognized, and after being considered and passed by the board of directors of the China Stationery and Sporting Goods Association, the evaluation placard is issued to the completed unit of the evaluated project, and the evaluation certificate is issued to the main completer of the evaluated project.

Declaration: This article comes from the Ningbo stationery industry Association.If copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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