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China Ningbo Stationery Fair will open next Wednesday, with 1610 exhibitors leading globally in scale

The annual global event in the stationery industry, China Ningbo International Stationery Fair 2024, will be held from March 27th to 29th at the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center. This year's fair covers an area of 53,000 square meters, reaching a new high in scale, with 1610 exhibitors showcasing hundreds of thousands of high-quality stationery, office supplies, and related products, making it the world's largest exhibition and trade platform in the stationery industry.

Mr. Shen Congren, the General Manager of Zhejiang Jiuling Brush Co., Ltd., stated in an interview, "The Ningbo Stationery Fair has become more and more professional, and the volume of business has also become more prosperous. Every year, we can meet domestic high-end suppliers and numerous international buyers at the Ningbo Stationery Fair, and the results of participating in the fair are very good. We invite buyers from all over the country and foreign customers to our booth to negotiate cooperation."

"The Super Networking Hub of the Stationery Industry," Scaling New Heights Again

"The Best of Spring Comes Once a Year." March Marks the Global Peak Season for Stationery Procurement, and as an annual grand event in the stationery industry, China Ningbo Stationery Fair has become a super networking hub for domestic and international manufacturers, brand owners, agents, distributors, importers, and other industry players to promote new products, exchange ideas, analyze trends, and engage in trade procurement.

This year's exhibition will utilize the entire 1-8 exhibition halls and corridors of the Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center, covering an area of 53,000 square meters with over 2600 booths. The exhibited products span across four major areas: office, school, art, and life, showcasing hundreds of thousands of items including writing tools, office supplies, paper products, art materials, student and teaching supplies, office lifestyle products, equipment and accessories, cultural and creative products, educational and DIY items, as well as miscellaneous gifts, encompassing ten major categories of exhibits and presenting the entire industry chain.

Xu Hanyuan, the Business Director of Ningbo Time Travel Stationery Co., Ltd., remarked, "The Ningbo Stationery Fair has natural advantages for local companies in Ningbo, and it is an exhibition that we must participate in every year. We see it more as a platform to meet and communicate with both new and existing customers. It's great to be able to regularly meet and chat with clients here every year!"

The 1610 exhibitors come from 14 provinces and autonomous regions including Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Fujian, and others. Notable stationery enterprises such as Changlong, Baoke, Changjiang, Xingwei, Tianhong, Snowhite and so on are among the participants. Stationery industry clusters from Ninghai/Cixi in Ningbo, Hangzhou Fenshui, Wenzhou Cangnan/Longgang, Jinhua Yiwu/Wuyi, Lishui Qingyuan, Shantou in Guangdong, Quanzhou in Fujian, and Jinxian in Jiangxi are also organizing group exhibitions.

Domestic registered buyers come from 30 provinces and autonomous regions including Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian, etc. Among them, there are 12 procurement teams organized by stationery industry associations or professional markets from Yiwu, Linyi, Guangdong, Beijing, Shaanxi, Shijiazhuang in Hebei, and other regions. Additionally, top stationery and office supply companies such as M&G, Deli, Zhendan, Marley Art Materials, as well as well-known e-commerce companies like Sanye Erban, Ningbo Chuangyuan, Hangzhou Maihe, and large domestic retailers including Lianhua, Kidsland, Cooljoy, etc., have sent their procurement staff to visit and make purchases at the event.

Planning Upgrade: First Ever Art Supplies Zone Set Up for Efficient Networking

Art, puzzle games, and creative products have been rapidly growing sectors at the Ningbo Stationery Fair and represent the most concentrated area for new startups. This year's exhibition, located in Halls 2 and 23, introduces the "Art Supplies and Puzzle Toys Zone" for the first time, showcasing thousands of art supplies, painting equipment, puzzle toys, DIY kits, and creative products from over 200 exhibitors.

In addition to the dedicated art supplies zone, the exhibition is segmented into thematic areas including the "Processing Equipment Zone" (Hall 6) for stationery processing and packaging equipment, and the "Production Origin Group Exhibition Areas" such as the "Hangzhou Fenshui Pen Making Zone (Hall 7)," "Ninghai Stationery Pavilion (Hall 4)," "Wuyi Educational Supplies Zone (Hall 7)," and "Qingyuan Pencil Zone (Hall 7)."

The 2024 Ningbo Stationery Fair features 1610 stationery companies showcasing tens of thousands of new products, including some of the hottest creative products in the market.

Changjiang Paper (Booth Number: H1-721) is a private enterprise specializing in paper products and cultural items. This year, they are unveiling their new 2024 "Mountain, Sea, and River" series inspired by ancient Chinese mythology from the "Classic of Mountains and Seas," promising an immersive experience that's highly anticipated.

Apart from their classic liquid ink rollerball pens, Snowhite (Booth Number: H8-221) is constantly introducing new products. One of their flagship products, the rotary pen series, now boasts 18 colors across three major color schemes: G-601M Morandi, G-601F Retro, and G-601M Early Summer, all loved for their high aesthetic value and twist-to-use mechanism.

Baoke Stationery (Booth Number: H1-521), known for its "China Famous Brand" designation, is a professional stationery company engaged in research, development, production, and sales. They are showcasing their new Soft-Grip Retractable Ballpoint Pen, combining both internal and external excellence for a comfortable writing experience and a sleek design in premium gray, offering a stylish office experience for professionals.

Tianhong Stationery (Booth Number: H4-111) aims to create an easygoing stationery experience and strives to be a leader in automatic and intelligent stationery. At this year's fair, they are presenting their latest IP collaboration — the Milk Dragon Automatic Stationery Set. The automatic pencil sharpener has been upgraded to accommodate larger pencils, with three adjustable tip sizes to meet various writing needs and a strong battery life capable of sharpening pencils over 600 times on a 2-hour charge, marking a significant technological breakthrough.

Superior (Booth Number: H1-421) under its brand Superior, designated by the Shanghai Xu Beihong Art Center, is showcasing the Superior Fulai Card 3rd Generation Markers with 510 colors. Featuring a dual-head black oval pen design, high-quality rubber soft tips, and environmentally friendly alcohol-based ink, these markers provide a smooth touch, natural color blending, and safety for professional artists.

Yuxin Educational Toys (Booth Number: H1-527) specializes in producing educational toys such as Rubik's Cubes, magic rulers, speed stacking cups, and building blocks. At this year's fair, they are showcasing the popular Chendragon Rubik's Cube, their upgraded 8th-generation speed stacking cups, and the unique micro-particle flower building blocks, which have gained popularity online.

"The World's Factory" Shows Clear Advantages, with Pre-registered Overseas Buyers from 75 Countries and Regions

Regardless of how international trends fluctuate, most of the stationery products on shelves abroad are still labeled "MADE IN CHINA." China's well-established and stable industrial and supply chain systems, coupled with competitive pricing and quality stationery products, have attracted buyers from all over the world.

As of March 18th, the pre-registration for buyers at the Ningbo Stationery Fair has exceeded 24,000 people, including over 1,200 overseas buyers from 75 countries and regions such as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States, Russia, Japan, Iran, and the United Kingdom. This includes 8 overseas buying groups organized by associations such as the Singapore Booksellers And Stationers Association, Hong Kong Book & Stationery Industry Association, Thai Stationeries and Office Supplies Association, Taipei City Book and Educational Supplies Business Association, Malaysia Stationery Importers And Exporters Association, Philippine Stationers Association, and the Federation of Stationer And Bookseller Association of Malaysia and Maxton Global Ltd from India. Additionally, major global players in the stationery and gifts industry channels such as Staples, Hong Kong Lai Fung, Barnes&Noble (USA), Advantus Corp (USA), Eksmo (Russia), and Thien Long Group (Vietnam) are also registered.

Among the registered foreign trade procurement personnel, including importers, overseas purchasing offices, and cross-border e-commerce personnel, there are 8,400 individuals, accounting for 35% of the total. Importers include well-known foreign trade enterprises such as Meibo, Zhaosheng, Yahu, Kaiyue, Yangpusheng, Haoya, Zhongji, Saire, Qiancheng, Kaideyuan, Jinhao, Lingtuo, Luzun, Baiying, Chuangying, Gaoshan Zhide, Sailong, and Xiangfeng.

Mr. Hu Zan, General Manager of Ningbo Zanyang Stationery Co., Ltd., commented: "Ningbo Stationery Fair is an event that Zanang participates in every year because as local enterprises, we have confidence in expanding internationally. We have many clients, like several American clients who come to Ningbo specifically because they can find the most direct products and companies at the Ningbo Stationery Fair. They don't get the same experience at other exhibitions; they believe Ningbo Stationery Fair is the most down-to-earth."

Concurrent Events Focus on Product Testing and Stationery Export, Facilitating Sustainable Industry Development

During the same period of the exhibition, EMTEK Standard (SZ300938) will hold the "Reasons for Stationery Product Recalls and Sharing of Typical Cases" event on March 27th. Through typical cases of recalls of non-compliant stationery products, the event will deeply analyze the control measures for different types of stationery in major markets. It will also share key content and testing methods for product testing on-site, contributing to the compliant, legal, and sustainable green development of the stationery industry.

In the afternoon of the same day, BOSSGOO will host the "2024 Stationery Export: Breaking Boundaries and Sustainable Development" event. The event will focus on digital transformation leading a new direction, analyze stationery brand building and differentiation in competition, and explore sustainable development and social responsibility in the stationery industry.

The online platform facilitates matchmaking and provides value-added services throughout the year without interruption

The online platform of the Ningbo Stationery Fair - Antway (www.antway.cn), is an extension of the offline exhibition. All exhibitors' company information, exhibited products, booth locations, and more can be accessed online. Visitors can inquire about intended products and exhibitors in advance, contact them early, or schedule meetings during the exhibition period for a seamless experience. After the exhibition, the online platform continues as an uninterrupted year-round virtual exhibition, where users can explore previous and current exhibitors, find products, and engage in online interactions. Users can also stay updated with the latest news in the stationery industry, publish company updates, and share procurement information through Antway.

From March 27th to 29th, China Ningbo International Stationery Fair 2024 will grandly open. We look forward to meeting you again in Ningbo during this season of revival and growth!

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China Ningbo International Stationery Fair is organized by Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., with the guidance of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Ningbo Committee and the People's Government of Ninghai County. It is jointly undertaken by Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Ninghai County Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Stationery Industry Association, and Ningbo Oriental Harbor International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The current edition of the exhibition has received strong support from Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology, Wenzhou Pen making Association, Hangzhou Pen making Industry Association, Zhejiang Wuyi County Cultural and Educational Supplies Association, Yiwu Cultural Products Industry Association, Ninghai County Cultural and Educational Supplies Industry Association, Beijing Cultural Products Industry Association, Guangzhou Stationery Industry Association, Qingyuan County Bamboo Industry Association, Linyi Small Commodities City in Shandong Province, Guangdong Stationery Industry Association, The Singapore Booksellers And Stationers Association, Hong Kong Book & Stationery Industry Association, Thai Stationeries and Office Supplies Association, Taipei City Book and Educational Supplies Business Association, Malaysia Stationery Importers And Exporters Association, Philippine Stationers Association, and the Federation of Stationer And Bookseller Association of Malaysia.

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