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"Sea of Stars" in Stationery

A pen, a book, is not only a tool for learning, work, but also can bring different visual experience.M&G Stationery pays attention to innovation consciousness and combines modern elements to launch eye-catching products. Last year, M&G Stationery combined stationery and zodiac signs to launch a limited series of zodiac signs.

The packaging design of this series of twelve constellations is inspired by the foreign planets full of fantasy and romance. The micro-dust elements of the stars are extracted by bronzing technology, so that the romantic stars in people's impression can be restored visually.

Let's take a look at the twelve constellations limited gel pen. The packaging is divided into four different designs according to the constellations.

What they have in common is that they all add star labels at appropriate positions on the body of the pen, and print exclusive IP elements on the corresponding constellations.

The overall design is mainly composed of purple and blue in the starry sky. The choice of bright texture with different Nebula background further highlights the sparkle of the vast stars. The push-pull and pull-out designs also give users more choices.

Declaration: This article is come from the top packaging, the picture comes from network and microblog. If any copyright issues are involved, please contact us to delete.

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