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The world home furnishing series of "Flowers"

Flowers light

This blooming flower lamp comes from Grey Nkl, a female designer from Vietnam. Through the principle of bionics, the lamp shade is made into the shape of a flower, which perfectly imitates the details of the flower in craftsmanship, just like two delicate and gorgeous flowers.

Bamboo weaving is selected as the material, which is very excellent in light transmittance and durability.In design, small holes are designed to better concentrate light on the edge of petals, so as to make them more beautiful.

Bloom flowering droplight

Designed by Constantin Bolimond from Russia. Inspired by the shape and structure of a flower, the whole lamp shade can open and close like an upside down flower.With light sensors, the light of the petals can be controlled by the environment, mimicking the interaction between the petals and the whole flower.

QisDesign Flamenca LED flower dance lamp

Flamenca is a blooming LED lamp, with arc wave shape, transparent wave lamp body and two-color flower tray design, just like the skirt of flamenco dancer.

Through interactive design, Flamenca can change lights. When a finger gently touches the silver touch panel, the light will circulate and change.

Valikus roller

Manual DIY wall brush, without wallpaper can also make the wall look good!The front silicone roller has a raised embossed pattern, and the back handle is designed to easily achieve the effect of uniform printing and dyeing, so that your walls become different.

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