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Household articles related to flowers

UMBRA’s flower wall decoration

The UMBRA is a Canadian affordable household brand. The flowers are made of felt, whose raw materials and shape fully show the natural ecological atmosphere. And it also add a simple but elegant atmosphere for the room. This decoration is a multi-color collocation. The consumers could freely match the layout according to their own preferences and experience the fun of work.

Grohe’s flower- shaped shower

Grohe is one of the most famous bathroom products suppliers in the world. Inheriting the tradition of German design, Grohe has won the Red Dot Award for three years. This flower-shaped shower is in contrast to the rational and indifferent attitude of the usual German design, and becomes beautiful and lovely.

There are six colors for choose and they are given different flower names. It’s not only beautiful but also useful. The copper shower equipment, also uses GROHE's "phantom sprinkler" technology, can optimize the effect of water. Use "flowers" to bathe, you will get more the feeling of happiness.

Flowerium’s bulb flower

Rieokist, a medical researcher from Japan who loves flowers, wants to explore another possibility of floristry from a professional perspective. She used the recycled waste bulbs as containers for flowers, adding more life breath to her collection than other specimens.

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