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What kinds of Chinese style and Japanese style tableware are good?

As the saying goes "a good horse matchs good saddle". Good food also needs good tableware to set off.A simple, cool and comfortable tableware can make people enjoy the meal comfortably. Glaze is like autumn frost, the smooth and delicate touch, concise simple but elegant hand-painted line.Is this a tableware that you want?

Japanese cherry blossom tableware series has always been popular.It has the artistic conception of poetry.You can feel the forthright and sincere, elegant and pretty if you touch any a piece of work casually. It expresses the natural sounds of nature in a simple and beautiful realm.

After talking about Japanese-style tableware, let's take a look at Chinese-style tableware. The tableware with Chinese charm has the aura of China's profound history and culture.

Su Shi ever said,“I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo”.Handmade tableware such as native bamboo and wood slowly entered the family from the restaurant. Back to the basics, bamboo and wood tableware can bring the freshness of nature to the home.

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