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VOW calls on suppliers to pitch new products

VOW Wholesale is encouraging speed to market as it looks to add 100 new products to its portfolio in the space of just a few weeks.

The UK business products wholesaler is sending an open invitation to all suppliers – not just existing vendors – to come forward with products they think VOW should be selling as the workplace adapts to what is likely to be a hybrid office/work-from-home model.

“We are interested in new areas of the stationery and technology markets, but are also keen to add completely new ranges to our portfolio that enable consumers to work practically and comfortably in the ‘new’ workplace, such as fitness and home décor,” the wholesaler said.

VOW said that “normal barriers for product listings have been removed”, meaning no listing fees, no opening stock discounts and no price support requirements.

Suppliers have until 31 March to email VOW a two-page PowerPoint presentation that states: what product the wholesaler should list and why, what it will achieve, how it could work commercially, and how it would benefit resellers.

VOW’s team will then sift through the entries to create a shortlist, before holding follow-up conversations. It will then make a decision in May about the 100 new SKUs that will be offered to customers as of 1 July.

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