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Do you want a multifunctional stationery like this ?

MultiRuler Multitool Ruler: Finally, A Multi-tool Ruler That Is Actually Useful

A regular person has a regular ruler. A handy person, on the other hand, will have the MultiRuler Multitool Ruler. MultiRuler is a multi-tool AND a ruler. Obviously, multi-tool with ruler is not new. However, I assure you that you probably won’t think those as “rulers” after you have seen the MultiRule.

This little guy offers a full 9 centimeters (3.54 inches) ruler for your measurement needs – in both metric and imperial units, if we may add. On top of it being almost a regular ruler, it also offers over 13 other functions.

These functions include wrench, bottle opener, drill guides, hex bit driver, hex bit holder, wire stripper, bike wrench, key ring holder, box/can opener, staple remover, slotted driver, and pry bar – just to name a few.

Disc Brand Co., the brainchild behind this wonder tool, said MultiRuler is TSA compliant too. That, plus the Grade 5 titanium construction and a weight of mere 21g (0.74 ounces) makes it the perfect EDC for your everyday adventure.

All images courtesy of Disc Brand Co..

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